What’s keeping you from making a difference in your community, on your beach or to the planet you call home? Is it the thought that your actions don’t matter or that the problem is too big to tackle?

Here at The 2 Minute Foundation we believe that every action matters and that every positive action adds up to make a big difference. We also believe that if you do nothing, nothing happens.

As an individual you have the power to make changes, to make your voice heard and to influence others. And it all starts with 2 minutes.


  • TAKE 2 MINUTES: You’ll be surprised how much litter you can pick up.
  • USE YOUR PHONE TO RECORD IT: Take a picture of it on your phone.
  • INSPIRE OTHERS: Tag it and share it on social media.
  • DOWNLOAD: Our app will enable you to log the items you pick up and add them to our database.
  • FIND OUR STATIONS: Use the app or THIS PAGE to find your nearest station.


You can also get involved with our 2 Minute family in other ways:

  • PREVENT LITTER: We can’t recycle as much as we produce and landfill can’t cope with the amount of waste we are producing. The best way to deal with it? Don’t produce it!

Our 2 Minute Guide To Reducing Waste will help you to reduce your waste, reduce the burden on the recycling and waste systems and send a message to polluters that you don’t want their stuff. Each idea is a #2minutesolution that won’t take too long but will add up to make a big difference.


Download guide

  • CROWDFUND a #2minutebeachclean, #2minutelitterpick or #2minutestreetclean station for your community through Just Giving or Go Fund Me.
  • SUPPORT US FOR FREE by using Amazon Smile and use easyfundraising when you online shop.
  • VOLUNTEER with us as a Station Guardian or Guardian Angel.

    The Guardian Angels (GA’s) are vital to our development. As a network of volunteers, they are our local representatives on the ground, with each of them responsible for stations within their patch. Each GA will oversee between 5 and 10 stations, depending on their location.

    Guardian Angels monitor how stations are being used, ensuring that the stations are situated in the best position and that litter picking bags are available. They will also be on hand to give talks to local schools, community groups and public events, to raise awareness of all things #2Minute.

DONATE to us to help us keep doing what we do.

SHOP WITH US to help us continue our work.

The 2 Minute Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO number 1185614). Registered Office: c/o 2 St Helen’s Close, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1PW.