Thank you for being part of the 2 Minute community. We think you are amazing for taking the small everyday actions that are needed to care for the places we all love.

We know that times are tough, but the planet isn’t going to wait, and we need your help. If we all give what we can, it adds up to a big impact.

    By making a regular monthly donation, you will

    • Inspire and enable people to clean up our planet.

    Support the 2 minute family of street cleaners, litter pickers and beach cleaners

    Educate groups, businesses, and individuals to make positive changes.

    Gather the evidence needed to campaign to ban plastic.

    Help protect our ocean environment and combat climate change.


      Connecting over 80,000 followers who take action.

      Distributing over 1,000 litter picking stations across the UK.

      Collectively removing over 200 tonnes of plastic from our oceans.

      Educating thousands of children and young people through 2 Minute Beach School.

      Improving wellbeing and a re-connection with nature through our #2MinutesOfPositivity campaign.

      Changing behaviours and consumer habits by providing #2MinuteSolutions.

      Inspiring and supporting businesses to reduce plastic and make positive change.

      Whatever you can give, the power of your combined donations will help to clean up the planet. Thank you.


      We know times are tough, if you can't make a monthly donation, then a one-off gift will still be a BIG help.


      If you'd like to fundraise then we suggest doing your own sponsored Beach Clean, Litter Pick, Street Clean or Plog.

      - Choose your date

      - Decide your details; where are you going to hold your litter pick and how          long are you going to pick up for?

      - Follow the link below to set up a fundraising page. Make sure you say what       you're doing, why you're doing it & try to include a picture!

      - Share your fundraising page regularly with family and friends in the lead up       to the event, use social media and email and don't forget to tell people face-     to-face.

      Make sure your Beach Clean, Litter Pick, Street Clean or Plog is safe:

      Use gloves

      Be aware of traffic and cyclists.

      Go with a friend or parent.

      Don't pick up heavy items, sharps or unhygienic waste.

      Be aware of the tide.

      Be aware of wildlife, see our guide.

      Wear suitable clothing and footwear.

      Have a plan to dispose responsibly of what you pick up.

      The 2 Minute Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO number 1185614). Registered Office: c/o 2 St Helen’s Close, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1PW.