Stopping the production and usage of needless plastic at source is the way we can stem the tide. Our upstream campaigns - #2MinuteLitterPick and #2MinuteStreetClean help to highlight that all streams, rivers, canals and waterways lead to the sea and that we as individuals have the power to stop litter at source by preventing it.

To stop polluting the ocean we need to stop littering.

It’s easy to see how you can make a difference by making simple and manageable swaps so we don’t have to rely on so much plastic.

If your office has 100 workers and they each use a plastic cup at a drinking fountain once a day for a year, that’s approximately 190,000 cups a year your office will get through. By swapping to glasses you’ll stop that immediately. That’s a great #2MinuteSolution.

It’s the same with your coffee cups, straws, single use drinks bottles, wipes, cloths and packaging. If we curb our plastic consumption as a collective, then we are not adding to the problem.

Simple isn’t it?

Mike, smiling on the beach.

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