·         Old t-shirts can be turned into reusable wipes

·         Glass jars can be reused as vases, drinking cups or food/liquid storage

·         Tissues boxes can be repurposed and used as drawer organisers

·         Repair an item of clothing – take it your local seamstress or sew up any holes yourself!

·         Old baskets or storage boxes can be used to store your household recycling

·         Use broken pots as planet/veggie markers

·         Make tealights from bottle tops

·         Use egg cartons as a seed-starting tray

·         Use a dull bladed razor to shave bobbles from knitwear

·         Stuff those nylon mesh vegetable bags with natural fibers and cloth such as cotton and wool and hang from a tree to supply birds with great nesting materials. You can also include items such as string, cloth batting, feathers, and animal hair.

·         Socks make great rags that you can fit over your hand to clean your blinds, ceiling fan blades, toilets, floors, and more. Socks are also great for storing pieces to games and other small items that are easy to lose

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