why single use is no use

2.5 billion single use cups are used in the UK, with only 1 in 400 of those cups being recycled.

A recent study has shown that 1.5 billion litres of water is used to make those cups, with millions of trees also being cut down in order to produce them.

The majority of these cups end up in UK landfill sites, producing an annual carbon footprint equivalent to over 152,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to what 33,000 cars produce in a year.

With such a small amount truly being able to be recycled, we have to take action and reduce this figure ending up in landfill every year. 

There is a simple solution. Single use? No use! Join us in The Coffee Cup Challenge, and choose to reuse your coffee cup for the whole month. 

join the coffee cup challenge

Join us in eliminating the use of single use cups, this June and beyond!

So, how do you take part? It's quite simple;

- Make a pledge to be a part of the Coffee Cup Challenge here

- Use your reusable cup/bottle for the month of June

- Say no to single use - use your reusable cup/bottle when getting drinks when you're out and about

- Share the challenge with your friends and family - download our social asset pack here!

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