Give the gift of a clean planet to future generations.

As a charity, the generosity of our supporters is important in allowing us to continue with our work in cleaning up the planet. By leaving a legacy in your will, you are helping to create a cleaner planet for our children and future generations to enjoy.

Why should I leave a gift?

We aim to live in a world without litter or plastic pollution, where nature thrives.

Together, we have already removed over 400 tonnes of plastic from our oceans, helped thousands of people become more plastic aware, spread our UK network of over 1,000 clean up Stations, and supported an online community of over 80,000 people. But we want to do more.

We will continue to encourage everyone to clean up our planet, 2 Minutes at a time.

Gifts left in wills come in all sorts of sizes and from all sorts of people.  They are the one of the best ways to support The 2 Minute Foundation and our work towards a cleaner planet.

Of course, your loved ones should always come first, but if you could consider a gift to The 2 Minute Foundation we would be extremely grateful.

What your gift can do

The simple act of litter picking is where it starts. We believe that everyone can find 2 Minutes out of their day to pick up litter and care for the places they live, love and visit.

A gift in your will allows us to continue to encourage people to:

CLEAN UP: We normalise the simple act of litter picking, helping people care for the places they live, love and visit.

USE OUR 'STATIONS': We provide communities and organisations with tangible clean up stations that have the pickers and bags they need to take part in a litter pick or beach clean.

CONNECT: We provide a supportive community where people realise that even in just ‘2 Minutes’ they can make a difference and their small actions can add up to a much larger collective change.

LEARN: We explain the detrimental effects of plastics and litter in simple everyday language, so that everyone, young and old, can become more plastic aware. We provide advice on simple swops and solutions that people can use in their everyday lives to reduce their impact on the planet.

STAY POSITIVE: We know that spending time outdoors taking positive action litter picking benefits nature and wellbeing.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

How to Include a Gift in your Will

Including a gift to The 2 Minute Foundation is probably easier than you think.

We always recommend that you use a solicitor or other will writing professional to write or update your will.  You may already have your own solicitor and you can discuss with them how to set up a will or amend your current will to leave a gift to charity. Many solicitors have branches on local high streets and there are now online will writing services.


A good first step is to try and work out the value of your estate. Think about who you might like to leave things to. You can state whether you’d like to donate a fixed amount, a specific item, or a sum of money that remains once the other gifts have been distributed. Gifts left to charity are tax-free and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax that the rest of your estate will pay.


Should you wish to support The 2 Minute Foundation through your will you will need our Registered Charity Number: The 2 Minute Foundation (reg. 1185614). Registered address: 2 St Helen’s Close, Croyde, Devon EX33 1PW.

Thank You

Thank you for considering a Gift in your Will to help clean up our planet. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Poppy -

The 2 Minute Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO number 1185614). Registered Office: c/o 2 St Helen’s Close, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1PW.